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Flies Inn® Lite Fly Cage

Unique Features and Benefits: Same as above

Flies Inn® Lite Fly Cage is reusable designed to catch thousands of flies at a time, over and over again. Flies Inn® EZ Fly Cage attracts flies in 3 different ways; Its color, Fly Jail® Attractant bait and its net structure that emits pheromones from the caught female flies. Flies are naturally attracted to tones of blue color, this is why the bottom color is blue. Fly Jail attractant bait is Non-toxic, Non chemical all Natural. It is designed to attract female flies more, so they can give out pheromones to attract the whole population of the colony, this is why trap effectiveness increases exponentially over time. Some traps in the market uses artificial fly pheromones to match the effectiveness of Flies Inn. However they are no match in effectiveness. Flies Inn® traps have NO DISTURBING ODOR.

How it Works?

Flies Inn® LITE Fly Cage comes preinstalled. To activate the trap, mix the Flies Inn Attractant bait formula with water inside of the bait plate, erect the funnel inside of the trap then place ready bait plate underneath by stretching the bottom hoop then hang it 3-5 feet from the ground. Hang the ready trap 30 feet away from the area that you want to protect. Flies will enter the trap from the bottom opening, go through the funnel and get trapped between the funnel and the body. Dislike any other trap in the market, flies do not rot in the attractant bait with Flies Inn products, therefor there is No Disturbing odor.

Application Method:


Application Areas:

Farm, Ranch, Garden, Camping sites, Outdoors( barns and farms are exception.)

Insects Controlled:


House Flies.